Earthquakes Then and Now

One thing about Californians, we aren’t bothered much by tremblors.  And when we do pay attention to earthquakes, it’s often after the fact.

So there has been a great deal of attention on earthquakes in the last week.

What about Healdsburg?  Is it safe from quakes?  Of course not, but we’re in better shape than some Sonoma County cities.

Healdsburg is built on the  Healdsburg Fault – we get our very own fault line.  This fault line is connected to both the Santa Rosa Plain and Alexander Valley and is part of the Rogers Creek Fault that runs down the east side of Cotati Valley just north of Santa Rosa.

What does that mean?

When Santa Rosa shakes, so does Healdsburg, just not as hard.

Did you know that during the 1906 quake, (believed to be 7.8 on the Richter scale) Santa Rosa sustained more damage than San Francisco?  The citizens of Santa Rosa had rebuilt most of the city in brick in order to avoid devastating fires.  Sometimes the best intentions go wrong!

After the 1906  quake, Healdsburg lost the New Odd Fellows building  and a suspension bridge over the Russian River. The damage totaled @ $100,000 (which was a lot of money back then).  But few injuries and no fatalities.

Santa Rosa sustained a lot of damage in the 1906 quake.

Santa Rosa sustained a lot of damage in the 1906 quake.

During this most recent quake, the strongest since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake (6.9), Healdsburg fared well with little to no damage.

In California we experience earthquakes every day.  So far this year we’ve had an estimated 1,742 quakes.  But most are so small and deep we don’t feel them.  It takes a drastic 6.0 quake, like the one that shook Napa to get our attention.  And for us in Healdsburg, it was more a sigh of relief that we did so well.


All in all, Healdsburg is a pretty safe California city to live in!

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