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It’s not always about the sale!

I’m not about just selling homes. There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to really help clients out of a jam, and sometimes that means helping them NOT put their house on the market. A client contacted me because she was considering selling her house.  Her first home mortgage was interest only and […]

Buying Your Home, Selling Your Home

Earthquakes Then and Now

One thing about Californians, we aren’t bothered much by tremblors.  And when we do pay attention to earthquakes, it’s often after the fact. So there has been a great deal of attention on earthquakes in the last week. What about Healdsburg?  Is it safe from quakes?  Of course not, but we’re in better shape than […]

Healdsburg Happenings

The Fiscal Cliff Legislation And Real Estate In 2013

I just attended the California Association of Realtors update and forecast for 2013. After over a 5% gain in prices in Sonoma County in 2012 we conservatively expect another 1.6% in 2013. It could get larger due to shortage of inventories and bidding up of prices so make sure you have your piece of the […]

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Tips to sell your home in the winter

Let’s talk about homes that are already on the market and getting them sold before winter sets in or if folks have to come new to the market during the upcoming winter season. If they are already on the market there is only one answer, price! Pricing according to what the buyer’s are willing to pay […]

Selling Your Home