Healdsburg in the Fall

We love  autumn in Healdsburg. Harvest and Crush will start soon, a perfect time to explore the beautiful area.

6thGreenVert_5xRecently when the Sonoma Counties Best list came out we had the best bar, John and Zeke’s, best restaurant Willi’s, best bakery Cousteau, and many others!  So check your YELP, and come up and  peek into the doors of the tasting rooms, shops, or visit the Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park.

Passport Weekend is a great event, no contest. But it’s also packed.  Crowds of younger people flock to the event giving it more a college party atmosphere than a contemplative, discussion centered adult affair, The lines and mobs around the food and wine are crazy.   This isn’t a bad turn of events.  We  want young wine drinkers, I’m delighted to welcome them to our town.  But if you are a bit past your fraternity partying days, you may want to come up here another weekend (Passport is typically in April).  Now, actually, is the time.  Come experience our harvest and crush (don’t expect the wine makers to be hanging around in the tasting rooms until November). in the late fall, after crush, and spend time really learning about the wine and it’s parts.

I recommend an afternoon in the Dry Creek Valley starting in downtown Healdsburg (we have a wealth of tasting rooms within walking distance), then out to West Side road.  



Take your time and explore the area!

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