Relocating? Here are some things you need to know.

Relocating is often an exciting and scary time in a family’s life. Perhaps your children are still at home and you need to find a good school district for them to be in. Maybe you want to be close to work, but not live in the city. Or it’s just you and you’re looking to start fresh in a fun, dynamic part of town.

Well that’s why agents who specialize in relocation are here, we can help you find your dream
location. More often than not I encounter financial questions about relocating. The top
question being, how far will my money go in Healdsburg, CA versus Austin, TX? is a great cost of living calculator that can help you figure this out. You can also ask a relocation agent to assist you. We’re here to help make this move easier for you.

Each employer has a different relocation package of benefits to offer you. Your real estate agent can assist you by letting you know what your housing costs will be based on your list of needs such as number of bedrooms, baths, proximity to working place, school district, shopping, medical facilities, child care and activities and maybe some fun things like tennis, golf, a gym or public swimming facility. This can be an important part of negotiating your salary and moving allowance (if any) with your new employer so you want to talk to your relocation agent, perhaps even go on a 1-2 hour tour and view a home or two, in anticipation of your move.

Choosing a relocation expert is the best path to having the easiest transition during relocation. The agent can help you secure housing, secure moving trucks, help you figure out what benefits and packages you need from your employer, and overall makes the entire process easy. So, if you’re relocating then just remember – finding a relocation expert is a must!!


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